OrCAD Database Wizard

OrCAD Database Wizard 7.2

It simplifies and assists in the creation of the Engineering Part Database
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The CIS Wizard has been created for users of OrCAD® Capture CIS 10.0 (and later) to simplify and assist in the creation of the Engineering Part Database. Following the installation of the CIS Database Wizard, you can create a new database or update an existing database from your schematic design files.

The CIS Database Wizard will install and run from within your OrCAD Capture CIS 10.0 (and later) installation. Taking an existing schematic design you can generate a new database in one of three different formats: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, or comma-delimited text. The CIS Database Wizard has the ability to update an existing database using the Microsoft Access format only.

System Requirements:
- OrCAD Capture v10.0 or later
- Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP Home

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